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It was 2 o clock when i left my home..worried dat i might not get a good seat at David's 3 o clock showcase...After pickin my partner for the day,Justin from his home..My dad sped down to sunway...we were kinda lost as both my parents did not noe where was the Elephant Walk entrance...but after some silly attempts,we finally found it...dat was approximately 2:40...

after reachin the place..there was a gate n there was fences where ppl were queuing in a straight line..once we got into the line,we heard ppl sayin ''close already,we're sorry'' n we were har? hear wrong ar?den we walked to the huge gate..many ppl were crowding there..we heard many ppl complaining n decided to stay for the drama...as we were checkin out the many HOT girls der, guard A shouted'' pls help me n queue up in a line'' den all rushed n squeeze together as they knew their chance of meeting David was bak...den guard B said'' nonono,im sorry but its full''..this was went things got interesting..u cud c on their faces dat their desperate to get in..n these ppl are reli playin with dem..but well,they still let us in and it was a 10 minute walk from there to the
Amphitheatre..we were very lucky to have a front seat,ppl hu went in earlier had to sit at the bak...haha

now the waitin part...it was bout 3:15 when everyone was seated,den JJ and Ean came out n tease us..they asked us to sing along to David's songs and he will come out ..the crowd sang along n when it stopped,they scream in hopes of meeting David..den,Hao Ren from ATQ came out..followed by some Malay singer which no one seems to noe,they said his from 1 In A Million but no one cared...haha,last Malaysian Artist to come out was Daniel Lee from Malaysian Idol season 2..his reactions from the fans were the bez...

finally after much teasin from JJ and Ean,David appeared,he seriously looks so much better den hw the poster...he sang songs like Crush,Angels,A lil too not over you,Touch my Hand,My hands,dun let go and a song from another artist which i forgotten da name..xS..after dat he said''its a pleasure to be in a Malaysia,Terima Kasih n bye'' he even said
''Malaysia Boleh'' <

Great day,had lotsa fun..but it was kinda disappointing dat he oni sang 6 songs..anyways..great experience...loved it...gonna upload some pics soon,forgotten my CAM..but luckily Justin smart to bring his...hahha

Mar 29, 2009 @ YOU.
Order From Queen Izzy.

Her Highness, has changed your blog, and by Order and Decreed of the Order of The Knights,
PLEASE update your blog.

aiyah, i suck at this type of stuff. just, update it.

Mar 27, 2009 @ Lesson Of My Life...
Today,i had this whole big pile of shit thrown at me...n i had no choice but to solve it...during this fucked up time,i realized that frens are a very important part of life...without frens,life wud be boring n dull...but with the wrong frens,u wont go very far...

My closest frens somehow crept to my bak n stabbed me..i never tot of it to happen as i reli took them as my great fren...den,at the other end...those who i were tryin to stay away from were super supportive,especially A...

Well,the moral of this story is to cover ur backs everytime...even our closest n best-est fren may come up n shock us with the stuff they do...

Im feelin very dissapointed nw..Z n i knew each other for around 6 years n he commit the ultimate crap which reli made me question the frens i mix with...well,i guess dats about it..live is goin down the drain liao... T.T

Mar 21, 2009 @ BRATs 2009 Malacca
Sigh,it was exactly 1 week ago when this camp took place...the BRATs camp is praticcaly a workshop where they guide u on jounalism,and photography...it was organized by The Star newspaper..

The reason i applied for this was bcoz i had so much fun during the previous camp and i wanted to meet those ipoh ppl again..xD

We did lotsa stuffs der..i had a lot of fun durin all the activities...i hated the assignment part the moz as it had us restricted down n we have date lines n dead lines..haha

the most unforgettable moment there was the people and the activity...being from a Chinese school,i mostly speak Chinese to all my frens..n being at the camp,i had to express myself in English oni..

overrall,it was a great experience lor...i usually lock myself in front of the computer during the holidays and nw i have a chance to do something special...its already been 1 week n i still miss it so much..haiz..

Everyone at the camp is special to me and i'd definitely wont forget about them...lastly,
I love BRATs!!!!

Dec 5, 2008 @

IZZY, the idiot who's still editing this blog.


p/s : izzy wants a christmas & b'day present. x)

happy blogging! :)

@ BRATs Rox!!
Weeeeeeeeeee~firstly i wana thank Izzy for helpin me with my layout,it reli is so much different with the 1 i had...><....As u all know,i've been away from the 25th to 27th(Friday to Sunday)..i was actually at a farm in Lenggang called The Farm (cool name huh?) participating in some camp called BRATs alternative...at first,i was suppose to go with my cousin....but he somehow canceled it cuz his genting trip was delayed...so,with him not goin,i din feel like goin anymore..

After much pursue and scolding from my mum..i finally agreed to go...we did many crazy stuffs there that i din know i cud do in my life...For example:we were all gave assignments to run a cafe and i volunteer to be the GM..xD

Overall,the whole camp taught us to be open minded..They wanted us to see the world and people in a different angle...Its been almost a week after the camp and i still remember my great time spent there like it was juz yesterday..I've made many new frens there and im sure its gonna last pretty long...Da cute girls there oso made my 3 days easier...haha...I really miss the camp and i hope all of ur will join again in the next 1..im sure i will xP

Nov 23, 2008 @ 1st Blog-Genting trip
LoL,i've been very curious since seeing many of my frens having their own blog...n NOW its time for me to hv 1 of my own...hope it rox^^ Juz got back from Genting...spent 3 days 2 nights der...did many crazy stuffs and saw many chun girls too =D...well,the bez thing about the whole trip was being with my closest frens...even though i was a chicken to try out some of those mind-blowing rides,but i still stood up and suck it all in and play the ride...in fact,i had a great time challenging wat i thought was my limit...n it was super fun ! Haha....after enjoying myself with those great rides,i went back to the apartment..our apartment was a louzy place to be in if u compare it with the better resorts such as Highland hotel n First World hotel,but i still survived staying in it and im still here typing all dis crap..here,we had many crazy activities...many of dem got drunk while they were drinking their beer non-stop..For example,my great fren Wei Wei called a fat ass guy called Erlun Calvin,i was astonished to hear dis cuz he dun even look like me..im so much better den him ^^...i was in the room chit -chating with 2 other frens n did not know it would turn up tis way...in the end...at least 3 of my pals got drunk n i had to clean up the shit tat they caused and i slept at least 2 hours later den when i intented to sleep,it sucked but i felt it was worthy,getting to noe how alcohol stuffs can change a person 360 degrees.. Haha,i hope dis is a way a great blog shud be and i hope i did it right..sorry Erlun if i've insulted u^^

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